Golden Gate Park in 1937 (For Courtney; you always have such a nice smile)

ggp1942openeruse Golden Gate Park on a sunny day: It’s as good as it gets: (Vintage photos from the San Francisco History Room)

ggp1942conservuse The Conservatory of Flowers:

ggp1942concourseuse The old Band Concourse, one of the original structures from the 1894 Midwinter International Exposition still in the park:

ggp1942crossuse Prayer Book Cross, above Rainbow Falls, an often overlooked gem in the park. You can just see it peeking out between the trees. The hill across what is now John F. Kennedy Drive is too overgrown now to get a good picture from it , so I had to take it from the bottom of the hill.

ggp1942spreckelsuse Spreckels Lake: They’ve smoothed the edge out a lot today, but it doesn’t look as natural anymore.

ggp1942chaletuse The Dutch Windmill, and the old Beach Chalet with its wonderful WPA Murals:

ggpbridgeuse The old stone streetcar bridge and the Murphy Windmill across what is now Martin Luther King Junior Drive: This is a very interesting spot to me. Once long ago a streetcar line ran along Lincoln Way and crossed Golden Gate Park over to Playland-at-the-Beach at this spot. A walking trail is now what’s left of where the tracks ran. The bridge was anchored into the hill on the left in the modern picture, and another hill across the drive to the right.

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