San Francisco in the 1950’s

taylorredouse Taylor Street on Russian Hill: If that person parking taps into the car on the passenger side, they’ll all go over like dominos! (Phil Palmer)

ellisredouse The old Humboldt Building from Ellis Street in the 1950’s:  (Phil Palmer)

tearoomredouse Ah, the scourge of North Beach, the pizza pusher! The old Beatnik hangout, the Tea Room, has been remodeled and is now Maggie McGarry’s. Hope that other fellow in the doorway wasn’t doing what it looks like he was! (Phil Palmer)

washingtonredouse Washington Street up from Stockton: Be nice to your sister, kid! I had to, and I didn’t like it anymore than you do! He’d really have to look out for her today with all of the construction that’s going on there.

fresnokearnyredo  “Leave us aloooooone!”

I’ve seen this scary movie! They’re from outer space and when their eyes light up, you disappear or something! No, wait, that was ‘The Village of the Damned’. Actually, these kids annoyed here by a photographer on Kearny Street have, long since, grown up and had kids of their own who have also grown up and had their own children. (Phil Palmer)

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