North by Southeast

northturkeyuse That makes about as much sense as Hitchcock’s ‘North by Northwest’ but he got away with it! These are pictures of San Francisco from different points on the compass.

North: Fort Point in 1945. Aw, he took his turkey to see the Golden Gate Bridge. Now, there’s a pet lover!  (San Francisco Public Library)

northhydeuse Northeast: A cable car chugs up Hyde Street in the 1920’s and today. The old reservoir on the left is no longer in use. There’s normally a low amount of traffic on this stretch of Hyde, and I could stay for hours watching the cable cars go up and down the hill. Usually, more seem to head down the hill than up which might make one wonder if some are going into the Bay, but they just stack them up at the bottom of the hill.

northjacksonuse East: The view down Jackson Street from Mason looking east toward the Bay Bridge.

northscaruse Southeast: The worst accident in Muni’s history occurred at this intersection in 1918, just east from the Cow Palace. A streetcar lost it on, what is now, Geneva Avenue, and jumped the track as it made the turn here onto Schwerin. The utility power plant building, now owned by PG&E, is still in the corner.

northhearstuse South: This was the house on Morse Street in the Crocker Amazon District where Patty Hearst was captured by the F.B.I. in September of 1975. Hey, where did the Daily News get off by calling it “Frisco”?

northmomuse Southwest: I wasn’t even a naughty wink by my mom yet when this picture was taken. Here she is on the left with her cousin Frances  at the old Sloat Blvd. entrance to the San Francisco Zoo, then called Fleishhacker’s Zoo, in 1939 when she was 17. This old Works Progress Administration project from the 1930’s is fenced off now to visitors and the San Francisco Zoo doesn’t respond to requests concerning why; maybe, to protect it.

northkiddielanduse West: Balboa Street and the Great Highway at Playland-at-the-Beach. Balboa is the street going uphill on the left. Kiddieland was a portion of Playland with rides and attractions for children. This is about as west as you can go in San Francisco without getting wet, and even that isn’t guaranteed! (Western Neighborhood Project)

northpalacelegionuse Northwest: I couldn’t get their names, but these ancestors of the lady news anchors of today’s CNBC are reporting at the Palace of the Legion of Honor in the early 1930’s. (Voices out of the Fog)

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