Climbing up the Filbert Steps with Humphrey Bogart

Filbertone Humphrey Bogart Plays a San Quentin escapee who has had plastic surgery to hide his identity from the police in the 1947 film ‘Dark Passage’. After the operation, he climbs up the Filbert Steps of Telegraph Hill to his hideout, Lauren Bacall’s apartment on Montgomery Street.  Filbert2 The steps turned here, as they do today, and begin their climb up Telegraph Hill. The wooden portion of the steps here was deemed unsafe in the late 1970’s and was replaced at this section.


A view from above of the area of the Filbert Steps in the previous photo:  filbert4 We’ll keep tagging along with our tired little gangster on his trek. The original wooden stairs from this point on are still there.  filbert5 “Come on buddy, you can make it, we’re almost there. I’m just as tired as you are!” That house to the left of Bogie, the “Captain’s House”, was built during the Civil War, and can still be seen from the Filbert Steps today!  Filbert6 “Made it Ma; top of the world!” He looks a little done in.


A aerial view from Coit Tower of where Bogart’s resting in the previous picture. The black car to the left of the palm tree is exactly where the roadster with the striped upholstery next to Bogie was parked. The apartment building with the mural behind the palm tree was his destination. It is said that Lauren Bacall, actually, lived there before she broke into the movies.

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