Ladies and little ones (and a puppy dog)

ladygrottouse That elegant lady in front of Fishermen’s Grotto #9 at Fisherman’s Wharf in the 1950’s had better get the service that she wants! The old Standard Station designed like a ship across the street remained in Fisherman’s Wharf from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, although, by the 70’s it had been remodeled to a more standard looking Standard Station. (Jerome Zerbe)

Birdsuse I’ve seen this Alfred Hitchcock movie, it’s scary! Actually, the little girl in the thick of it at Union Square in the 1950’s was a safe as the pigeons were! (Gene Wright)

Ladylookoutuse “Lady, look out!” This image from the 1960’s at California and Stockton Streets wasn’t as precarious as it looks; cable cars stop in the intersection…… I hope! (Nick Carter)

Pompeisuse “I’m a goin’ fishin’ too!”  Kids on the way to make the catch of the day, stop to visit a street musician and his buddy at Fisherman’s Wharf in the late 1960’s:  They’re just up from Pompei’s Grotto on Jefferson Street. (Martha Rosman)

Viewalcatrazuse “Hey look, honey, I can see Al Capone!”

“He’s dead!”

The lady doesn’t seem too interested. Until the 1970s after the prison closed, these telescopes at Fisherman’s Wharf were about as close to Alcatraz as you could get. They’re looking at it when it was still a prison. Those are the masts of the Balclutha in the background when it was berthed at Pier 41.

StevensonuseA child looks at the Robert Louis Stevenson Monument at Portsmouth Square in Chinatown in 1939.

“Who’s he, Daddy?”

“He wrote Treasure Island.”

“You mean, about the Fair?”

“No, it’s a story about adventures on a mysterious island with treacherous scoundrels, cutthroats, and pirates.”

”Oh, Alcatraz.”

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