The last word on the Cliff House, at least, until the next time I go there. (For the Louis’ Restaurant up the street, and the terrific breakfasts they serve)

CliffHouseopeneruse(  Lettersuse I don’t know, maybe if they put those giant letters back on it would help.  CHouseSutrosuse This vintage photo really captures how fun it once was out there.  (The Old Motor Magazine)  BBilluse “Hey, Bungalow Bill! What did you kill?”

Obviously, this was the fellow who inspired the nickname John Lennon gave his villain on the Beatles White Album. Buffalo Bill Cody was an army scout who won the Medal of Honor, a Pony Express rider, an Indian fighter, and a master showman. But he also killed a lot of buffalo, 4282 according to Wikipedia, and he didn’t always kill them for food. Still, he had his day in the City, and was an interesting visitor. Here he is at the entrance to the old gingerbread Cliff House with some of the Indians from his Wild West show.  Click on the link below to see where Danny and I tracked Buffalo Bill down in this area once before.

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