More Disneyland

AliuseTry as hard as I could, I couldn’t line this one of Muhammad Ali in Tomorrowland up. Tomorrowland has been so reconfigured now this was as close as I could get. You can see the old Sky Tram to Fantasyland in the Ali shot. I think the girl on the phone was saying, “Mom, everyone is laughing at my hat!”

Tonyautopiause How Stony Curtis, I mean, Tony Curtis rides the Tomorrowland Autopia in ’40 Pounds of Trouble’ (1962): I didn’t try this myself because I think they throw you out for doing this today! That’s the Monorail track crossing above.

Tonydrawbridge Make way for Tony at the Sleeping Beauty Castle Drawbridge!

SplasMountainuse This is more of a then and during. Actually, Splash Mountain isn’t as scary as made out to be. (He said, stoically, long after the ride) Those mouse ears were on the girl behind me; men wearing mouse ears are not allowed on Splash Mountain.

CastleNightuse Sleeping Beauty Castle when they turn the lights out for the parade: I don’t believe in Fairy Tales, (well, maybe leprechauns) but when you look at that at night……….

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