Weekend Lollygagging (What does that word mean, anyway?)

lolyredo Fishing at Fort Point in the 1950’s: The Bay was a lot calmer for this fellow. (Phil Palmer)

lolydogbloguse Fishing with a bestie behind the St. Francis Yacht Harbor: (Barnaby Conrad)

MasonLolyuse “Don’t lollygag, Dear, I’m right behind you. I’ll catch you if you slip.”

Yeah, right! Like, he’s not going to push her!  (Fred Lyon)

LolySpreckeluse Lollygagging at Spreckels Lake in Golden Gate Park: I’m beginning to hate that word!  (Phil Palmer)

lolyconsvuse The Conservatory in Golden Gate Park:

“Aw, Mom, do I have to wear this hat?”

Lolyturtleuse Hmmm, I’m not the only one lollygagging around! You and me, Mr. Turtle!

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