Prowling around the Port (For Greg and Mary Sue. Thanks for checking out my Blog)

PortAcmeredo A perfect day to splash on some Old Spice and set sail to explore the Embarcadero. The Java House is about where Fritz and Fred’s Restaurant was. Pier 40 still exists, although the front part was removed in the 1970’s and the pier sits farther back now behind where the Java House is. Also, an Acme Beer would hit the spot right about now, but I doubt if it still exists anymore. (Vintage picture from Michael Corbett’s book ‘Port City)

O'Douluse The Lefty O’Doul Drawbridge next to AT&T Park seen in the 1934 movie ‘Fog Over Frisco’ with Bette Davis. The bridge is referred to as Butcher Town Bridge in the film, which was what it was known as then.The scene never looked convincing to me, so I don’t know if that was a special effects model of the bridge or another bridge standing in for The Lefty O’Doul Bridge, but the film’s climax appears to have been shot around the actual bridge.

Pier23use Pier 23 next to Pier 21 in the early 1920’s seen from Telegraph Hill: There is no Pier 21 anymore, but a remodeled Pier 23 next to the Pier 23 Café is still there.

windowsuse “Who picked this room?”

“Chalmers. Why?”

“Stay away from those windows! That’s why.”

Bullitt, (Steve McQueen) begins to smell a rat as he looks out the window of the Daniels Hotel where he’s guarding a witness. That’s the Embarcadero Freeway he’s looking at. The bad news is that the bad guys get to the witness and kill him at the hotel. The good news is that it leads to one of the best chase scenes in film history when Bullitt catches up to them! The Daniels Hotel was called the Seaboard Hotel when the Embarcadero Freeway passed by it when being built in the late 1950’s, as seen here in the exciting chase scene on the unfinished freeway at the end of the 1958 movie ‘The Lineup’. Why do these then and nows always make me thirsty for a beer!

danielsuse The Daniels Hotel was at Howard Street and the Embarcadero. The Embarcadero Freeway, most of the piers, and the Daniels Hotel are gone at this location now.

PortYMCAuse Eli Wallach crosses the Embarcadero to the Seaman’s Club, (Actually, the old YMCA Building) to make his first kill in ‘The Lineup’. Wallach crossed the Embarcadero here. The YMCA Building is still here behind all that scaffolding.

JackLondonuse A few blocks from the Embarcadero and a fitting spot for this fellow to have been born.

Bloodythuruse “Bloody Thursday”: On July 5th 1934, police fired on striking dock workers on Steuart Street, between Mission and Howard, killing two men, and causing the strikers to shut down the port for the entire month. A memorial was created at the spot where the men died, and the incident is remembered on the sidewalk in front of the Longshoreman’s Hall on North Point Street today. (The Picture This website)

Portvaletuse When the Three Stooges do valet parking!

PortHillsBrosuse Ah, the old Hills Brothers Coffee Factory; a great place too stop and rest with a cup of coffee, except, they don’t make coffee here anymore. I didn’t get the coffee or the Acme Beer!


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