Quotes and Misquotes

JaimeCliffHouseuse “Come on, who’s next? I’ll fight anybody who says anything bad about my hat!”

(The Cliff House Project website)  Cliffhouselegsredo “There are eight million stories in the half naked city; this has been one of them.”

This 1930’s picture might not have been as relaxed as it looks; that’s a long way down to the Pacific Ocean!

Pushmipullyuuse Wow, a “Pushmi-pullyu”!

The cable car turntable at Powell and Market Streets: (Fred Lyon)  Teagardenuse “Far East meets West.”

The Japanese Tea Garden from the 1894 Midwinter Fair in Golden Gate Park; one of the surviving attractions from that fair.  Sneakingsallybloguse “Sneaking Sister Sally through the Alley.”

Spofford Alley, Chinatown, in the 1950’s (Jimmie-Shein)

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