The Cliff House and the Great Highway

GreatHighwayuse  Shorpy'sCliffHouse The Cliff House, looking from the north and south from the terrific Shorpy Picture Archive: They have some of the best vintage pictures I’ve ever seen. Below, is the link to their site. The top photo is looking south toward the Great Highway and Playland-at-the-Beach, (then known as Chutes at the Beach) in 1922 as the road to the Cliff House was being constructed: That thug in the car in the vintage picture looks like a hit man! The second picture is looking north toward the Cliff House in 1934 from the Great Highway: The family in the center car looks happy; I guess they were going to stop at Playland.   Topsy'suse The billboard in the previous picture is an advertisement for Topsy’s Roost with their 50 cent chicken dinners. Topsy’s Roost, seen here in photos from the Marilyn Blaisdell Collection, also had a dance floor in the basement that guests reached by sliding down large slides. Topsy’s was just a short way down from the corner of Balboa Street and the Great Highway, and would later house a slot car race track, and the Family Dog rock and roll concert hall. The building was demolished in the 1970’s and an empty lot occupies the spot today.                                                                               

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