Back to Normal

normalferry1915use Yesterday, San Francisco was once again “Everybody’s favorite city,” Now that the Super Bowl is over things will get back to normal, and, hopefully, most visitors will leave with nice memories of the City. This was the spot where Super Bowl City was held seen in 1915, and in 2015. You’ll be able to walk through this area again without having to go through security check points, although, they did a wonderful job and kept everybody safe.  NormalFinancialuse You’ll be able to drive through the financial district again like you could in the 1920’s  Normaldoggieuse

You’ll be able to get a table in restaurants again, even the fast food ones. This MacDonald’s was once a Doggie Diner. It was also in this spot where Clint Eastwood used the legendary expression, “Go ahead, make my day!” in the 1983 film ‘Sudden Impact’. That’s the Lefty O’Dould Bridge next to AT&T Park in the background.  NormalBernaluse In the shadow of Bernal Heights: Unfortunately, gas prices will never be back to normal in San Francisco, regardless.  (The Cushman Collection)NormalHydegripuse  On the “Hyde Street Grip” cable cars will still climb “halfway to the stars” as normal. That’s the old O’Farrell line coming up Hyde.  scenery And something that’s always normal; the interesting scenery you pass by when riding on a cable car!



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