Some December Musings

muralredouse A mural on a building at 15th and Church Streets shows Market Street traffic changing though the years, and into the future as you look from left to right  WashingtonJonesbloguseWashington at Jones in 1952 from the Cushman Collection: The lady with the package in the 1952 picture doesn’t look like she wants to climb on at this side. I don’t blame her; those passengers on the seat facing her look like a thumbs-down jury!  Dannykidsuse Danny looks like he’s gazing back into time, and thinking, “What odd looking kids!”  sandcrabuse This last Monday was the first time I’ve gone back to Ocean Beach since I lost my little Sand Crab Pointer!  Cablecarsantause Santa trades in his sleigh for a cable car in at Powell and Market Street in the 1940’s: This kind of Christmas pageantry isn’t likely to occur in San Francisco any more.  Emporiumbloguse Inside the old Emporium Building at Christmas: This was what a department store was supposed to look like during the Holidays. Extensively remodeled, and new walls, it’s still pretty impressive.  Invisibleuse A Shorpy’s Collection photo of the Transparent Pontiac of the General Motors Exhibit, June 11th, 1940, on display at the Treasure Island International Exposition: It’s a good thing this didn’t catch on or a lot of children wouldn’t have been born. She looks like Ginger Rogers!

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