Taking the Tim Tour

vannessredo 1942 – The first of Japanese citizens to be relocated from the West Coast after Pearl Harbor gather at the Civil Control Administration Building at 2020 Van Ness. Taking a peek inside this old garage, it’s a remarkable feeling thinking how historic this building once was!

kezarredo 1957 – Kezar Stadium, the 49ers and the Lions, roof top room only: Kezar was demolished in 1989, but the playing field still exists. No roof top spectators though, for that game or mugging or whatever was happening down on the field when I took this photo.

magninsredouse The old entrance to I Magnin & Company at Union Square in the 1950’s, once THE place to shop in San Francisco.

maidenredouse Maiden Lane in the early 1960’s: Hey, it’s Holly Golightly!

haightashburyredouse 1967 – Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh of the Grateful Dead at Haight Ashbury during “The Summer of Love.”: They don’t even bother putting a Haight-Ashbury sign on this corner anymore, it would be gone five minutes after being put in place!

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