The Embarcadero (4)


Another great picture from ‘Port City’, Pier 11 looking north toward Fisherman’s Wharf in 1926: The Embarcadero had three kinds of streets here back then; a smooth pavement for automobiles at the right, a stone pavement for horse traffic in the center where I’m standing, of which there was still a lot of in 1926, and railroad tracks at the left. This is a confusing spot on the Embarcadero today! “Hey, why do the piers jump from Pier 9 to Pier 15 here?” Well, I’ll tell you; Pier 11 in the old photo was demolished in 1935, and replaced in its location by Pier 9, the one behind the Broadway sign. There never was a Pier 13, even though they made a film noir movie  in 1949 set in San Francisco about Communist infiltration in  America called ‘The Woman on Pier 13’ starring Robert Ryun and Laraine Day. Pier 15, which houses today’s Exploratorium, and was not built yet in the old photo, comes next. (Thumbnail image)

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