Talking to the Stars around San Francisco (Thumbnail images)


“Frank Sinatra! What are you checking out!” (Pal Joey 1957)


“I’m watching the Ferry Building as we approacheth. Nice, huh kid?”


“Hey, could I have a few words with you for a minute?”
“Too busy now. Check in with me at the International Settlement, kid.”


But when I got to the International Settlement, it didn’t exist, anymore!


So, I’m heading up Broadway when who should I meet, Clark Gable! He’s trying to put the moves on Greer Garson, but she isn’t having any part of it. “Sorry, Clark, you can’t win them all!” (Adventure 1945)


Ah, Coit Tower…… Wait, who’s that driving by? (After the Thin Man 1936)


Why, it’s William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles, parking at their stately home on Telegraph Hill!                                                                                                                                                         Afterthinpioneeruse

“Hey, Nick and Nora, this is behind Coit Tower! Are you trying to pretend that this is your home?”
“We’re having a romantic moment here, pal. Do you mind?”


“Orson Welles! What are you doing out here at Ocean Beach?” (The Lady From Shanghai 1948)


“I just left Rita Hayworth in the Funhouse, and she’s dying! I have to leave, quickly?”
“Oh. Well, I guess it wasn’t much fun for her, was it?”


“Edmond O’Brien! What are you up to here at Fisherman’s Wharf?” (The Birdman of Alcatraz 1962)


“I’m waiting for the release of the “Birdman of Alcatraz” so that I can interview him.”
“Well, you’re going to have a long wait. Alcatraz boats don’t dock here, and never did.”


“James Stewart, nice to see you! Why are you out here at Fort Point?”
“I’m watching Miss Kim Novak over there to see what she’s going to do.” (Vertigo 1958)


“Oh, well, I’ll tell you what she’s going to do, Jimmy. She’s going to stand there for awhile, and then jump in the water!”



“Dustin Hoffman! Why are you driving so fast on the Bay Bridge?”
“I’m heading to Berkeley to get away from Mrs. Robinson!”
“Yeah. Well you’re on the upper deck; you’re going the wrong way!” (The Graduate 1967)


“Kim Novak! You’re always upset about something! What is it now?”
“Frank Sinatra loves Rita Hayworth, and not me!”
“Well, that can’t be; Orson Welles left Rita dying in the Funhouse a few frames back!” (Pal Joey 1967)


“Tippi Hedren! What’s with you here at Union Square?”
“I’m buying some birds at a pet shop ‘cause I just love birds!”
“Well, that won’t last long!” (The Birds 1963)



“Cary Grant! Why are you here at the Fairmont Hotel?”
“Judy! Judy! Judy!”
“No, Tim! Tim! Tim!” (Kiss Them for Me 1957)


“James Stewart and Kim Novak! You two again! What’s going on now?”
“I’m trying to explain to Miss Novak why I had to take off all of her clothes, and put her in my bed while she was unconscious!”
“Good luck with that one!”  (Vertigo 1958)

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