More East Bay Locations – Oakland

Gertrude Stein, supposedly, said of Oakland,
“There is no there, there!”
Well, I worked “there, there” for years, and there is a there, there.

oak14thfranklinuse14th and Franklin, looking toward the City Hall Building:

merritt19thbroaduse19th and Broadway:

merrittgranduseAh, the old Grand Lake Theater, still alive and kicking after all these years.

merritt12thuse.jpg12th and Broadway:

merrittfairlanduseThe temple near Children’s Fairyland which opened in 1950: True story, a visit to Fairyland by Walt Disney inspired him to create Disneyland!

Capwell'sBloguseA 1940’s couple with baby stroll past the old Capwell’s Department Store on Broadway; later Called Emporium-Capwell’s, later called Sears, now closed and under renovation. The Paramount Theater sign is in the background.

oaklandsmithsuse Another view of 14th and Broadway in the 1960’s with Smith’s on the right:

oak14thwebsteruse14th and Webster in the early 1940’s: The older photo has so much more character.

oakparamountuseThe Paramount Theater in the 1920’s:

14thBroadwayBloguse1944 – 14th and Broadway: ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ one of my favorites! I like the couple in the middle.
“What did the guy look like who pinched you, honey?”
“Well, he was a sailor.” (Images of America)


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