More East Bay Locations – Oakland

Gertrude Stein, supposedly, said of Oakland,
“There is no there, there!”
Well, I worked “there, there” for years, and there is a there, there.

oak14thfranklinuse14th and Franklin, looking toward the City Hall Building:

merritt19thbroaduse19th and Broadway:

merrittgranduseAh, the old Grand Lake Theater, still alive and kicking after all these years.

merrittfairlanduseThe temple near Children’s Fairyland which opened in 1950: True story, a visit to Fairyland by Walt Disney inspired him to create Disneyland!

Capwell'sBloguseA 1940’s couple with baby stroll past the old Capwell’s Department Store on Broadway; later Called Emporium-Capwell’s, later called Sears, now closed and under renovation. The Paramount Theater sign is in the background.


oak14thwebsteruse14th and Webster in the early 1940’s: The older photo has so much more character.

oakparamountuseThe Paramount Theater in the 1920’s:

14thBroadwayBloguse1944 – 14th and Broadway: ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ one of my favorites! I like the couple in the middle.
“What did the guy look like who pinched you, honey?”
“Well, he was a sailor.” (Images of America)


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