The Big Shake (2)


A quaking quartet: At left, Market Street near Sansome. Look at that mess! That top picture can really make you appreciate the Ferry Building; truly, San Francisco’s greatest survivor. Second from left, Dora Street, south of Market, “south of the slot” as they referred to area in 1906 because of the cable car tracks that ran along Market Street. These houses look like staggering drunks!. Below, forgotten little Dora Street today. Second from the right, Ellis and Powell and the Flood Building on “Black Wednesday” and Ellis and Powell and the Flood Building on “Black Friday”, the busy shopping day after Thanksgiving. At the right, those girls up on Russian Hill appear to be enjoying the disaster. Below, Downtown San Francisco from Russian Hill today; they still have a sky, you just can’t see it too much, anymore. (Thumbnail image)

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