Cops – Lotta’s Fountain (Thumbnail image)


This September will be the 140th birthday of Lotta’s Fountain at the intersections of Kearny. Geary, and Market, dedicated September 9th 1875. Nobody pays much attention to this ugly and neglected fountain, but like the Golden Gate Bridge or the Ferry Building, San Francisco will never get rid of it. For over one hundred years survivors of the 1906 Earthquake met at this fountain on the April 18th anniversary until they all died. A replica was made of Lotta’s Fountain for the opening scenes of the 1936 Clark Gable movie ‘San Francisco’. On Christmas Eve, 1910 opera soprano Luisa Tetrazzini gave a free concert at Lotta’s Fountain that drew over 200,000 spectators! It remains, and, probably, always will, the biggest concert ever held in San Francisco. I wonder if Paul McCartney could top that if he gave a free concert at Lotta’s Fountain! This turn of the Twentieth Century photo shows the fountain in its original size, but relocated from where it was first dedicated. I love all the hustle and bustle in this picture; like, the little cutie with the cop. Is she getting directions? Is she getting bawled out? And, maybe, he’s just paying special attention to her! Or the family, hand in hand, stepping onto the sidewalk on Market Street, behind them. At the left, a coachman with baggage heads off to the West Hester Hotel, not to be confused with the Best Western Motel. The link below will allow you to see all of the posts for this series of pictures of San Francisco Cops.

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