Driving in the City

DriveDelmarredo Boy this baby’s a beauty; sleek, classy, sporty, and an adventure to drive around San Francisco with. They don’t make ‘em like that anymore! The 1953 Chevy Corvette is nice too! The lady was parked on El Camino Del Mar in Lincoln Park, one of the prettiest drives in San Francisco.

DrivepowellredoPowell and Sutter in the 1950’s: That little Nash on the left is as antiquated looking as the cable car!

drivejonesredoJones and California Streets on Nob Hill: Look at the behemoth! Where the heck would you park that tugboat today! That’s Grace Cathedral on the right on both pictures.

DriveMontgomeryredoMontgomery Street, the “Wall Street of the West” in the 1940’s; still just as busy today.

DriveMarketredoThe old Flood Building at Powell and Market in the 1950’s when Woolworth’s occupied the bottom floors.

DriveBushredoLet’s see, Bush at Montgomery, 1905; there’s probably ten cars in all of San Francisco, and that jerk still can’t park straight! That’s the old Mills Building on the left, one of the few downtown buildings that survived the earthquake and fire the following year.

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