SF NON BLONDES (Thumbnail image)


Four non blondes. No, not 4 Non Blondes the San Francisco band, four other non blondes. Blondes are not the only ladies who get into trouble in San Francisco movies. Top panel, left to right, Diane Keaton about to begin an extra marital affair with Woody Allen in a scene filmed at the old band concourse in Golden Gate Park from ‘Play It Again, Sam’ made in 1972. Woody Allen as a cure for loneliness; she’s in trouble! Second from top, left to right, Cindy Williams being audio eavesdropped on by Gene Hackman in Union Square in the creepy and ugly movie ‘The Conversation’ from 1974, and Gene Hackman at Stockton and Geary in front of the old I Magnin’s after hearing something that he shouldn’t have heard! Many film critics site this movie as one of the best films from the 1970’s. Second from the bottom, Joan Crawford, trying to be discreet, about to break in to Jack Palance’s apartment on Russian Hill to find out why he’s trying to kill her in the 1952 movie ‘Sudden Fear’. Joan, what difference does it make why he’s trying to kill you…… he’s trying to kill you! Do you, really, want to go in there? Humphrey Bogart accidently killed Agnes Mooorehead from the roof of this same apartment building in ‘Dark Passage’ from 1947. We all have accidents, but Bogie’s are a little extreme! Bottom panel, Tyne Daly gets into the ultimate trouble when she steps into the line of fire to save Clint Eastwood’s life out on Alcatraz in the 1976 movie ‘The Enforcer’. Third in the “Dirty Harry” series, and the second best, it’s exciting, well made, although, in comic book style, has terrific San Francisco locations, and the saddest ending from any Clint Eastwood movie that I can think of.


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