San Francisco Blondes – Dedicated to three pretty blondes I’ve spent time in the City with, Cindy Chavarria, Melody Royal, and Amber Bennett. Amber says she’s not a blonde, but I think she is, and just doesn’t know it! At left, Lee Remick chases after Jack Lemmon, whose feelings she’s hurt in the depressing movie ‘The Days of Wine and Roses’ from 1962. Hey, look, the Embarcadero Freeway in the background! Aw, I miss it – NOT! This scene was filmed in front of the PG&E Building on Market Street. A Facebook friend of mine, Mary Mckay worked in the building for years. Left center, a distraught Kim Novak leaves Rita Hayworth’s mansion in tears after learning that Rita’s going to take Frank Sinatra away from her in the 1957 movie ’Pal Joey’. Hey wait a minute; Alcatraz, Fisherman’s Wharf, the Balclutha Sailing Ship, telescopes disguised to look like little trees, that’s not Rita’s mansion, that’s Coit Tower! Right center, Catherine Hicks offers a lift to two strangers at the Marina Green. Nothing too special about this spot that would make oddballs like me look for it, except, the two strangers were Kirk and Spock in the 1986 film ‘Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home’. At right, Barbra Streisand has never looked prettier than in the 1972 movie ‘What’s Up. Doc?’ with Ryan O’Neal. She plays a scatterbrained blonde who does dippy things, like, crossing a sidewalk against the light causing two motorcycle riders to crash at Jones and Bush. Even Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd put in an appearance in this one!

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