Kids in the City (Thumbnail images)

Victorian kids at the old merry-go-round in the Children’s Playground in Golden Gate Park:

Powell and Pine Streets in 1987: One of these days they’ll invent a kid who doesn’t stick their tongue out at the camera.

What’s this little guy on Grant Avenue in Chinatown up to? Hey, mister! Let me shine your shoes or I’ll shoot you.”


Kids playing together on Kearny Street at Fresno Alley: “Can we all get along?”

Kids annoyed by the photographer on Kearny Street in the 1950s: “Leave us alooooone!” I’ve seen this movie, when their eyes light up you kill yourself! Oh, wait that was ‘Village of the Damned’.

Beach Street, 2002: Then they grow up and move away, and you walk by places where they were at, and think about them.







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