I’ve never used a hashtag for a title before; I kind of like it. These warm early fall nights we’ve been having this week make it especially pleasant to walk around San Francisco after dark. It still feels like summer, but there’s a little spookiness in the gentle wind and fog that reminds me that Halloween isn’t far away. (Thumbnail images)


I got to the Powell and Market Streets cable car turnaround at twlight, seen here in the 1960s, but it didn’t take long for the sun to disappear.

That’s a spooky looking vintage picture of Chinatown at the intersection of Grant Avenue and California Street in the 1950s. I believe the photographer was Fred Lyon. The view is next to old St. Mary’s Church looking down to Sacramento Street.

The intersection of Grant Avenue and California Street is also a good place to catch a cable car heading up Nob Hill, as seen in the vintage picture from the 1950s. (Phil Palmer)

I got off the cable car at the Mark Hopkins Hotel to update another one of Fred Lyon’s wonderful black and white photos, this one from the 1950s.

I doubled back down Nob Hill into Chinatown, seen here at Grant Avenue looking north from Clay Street. They don’t light Chinatown up as much at night as they did in the 1960s picture. (Vintage Everyday)

I ended up my nocturnal knock around back down on Market Street and Kearny, seen in the 1960s in the vintage picture. That’s the Palace Hotel on the right. (Vintage Everyday)

One thought on “#sfatnight

  • I know I mentioned this before; but it is amazing that, regardless of how much has changed, there is so much that is remarkably unchanged after years or decades. One would think that the lamp posts in China Town would have been replaced during the previous half century. Even well constructed lamp posts should not be expected to last for so long.

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