These will keep me busy (Part one)

I do so enjoy stumbling onto a website filled with vintage San Francisco pictures I have never seen before., where these vintage pictures are from, has too many terrific San Francisco pictures to be limited to just one post, which is fine with me.

SkyCalifStuseLooking down California Street near Powell on Nob Hill in 1960: I only got one cable car in my picture, and that’s as far out as I’m going onto California Street with oncoming traffic behind me. Down the hill where the PARKING and 76 sign are in the vintage picture was where the old Crest Garage, demolished just this year, was.

SkyGrantCalifuseGrant Avenue and California Street in 1955:

SkyPowellMarketuseThe Powell Street cable car turnaround in 1967:

SkyWaverlyuseWaverly Place at Washington Street in the heart of Chinatown in 1946:

SkywashuseGrant Avenue at Washington Street in 1966:

SkyGearyuseGeary Blvd. near Powell Street and Union Square in 1962: Lefty O’Doul’s closed in 2017.

SkyRedsuseGrant Avenue at Jackson Street in the early 1960’s: Red’s Place is a great place to stop in for a pick-me-up (a drink not a date) after walking around the hills of Chinatown all day. Downstairs in the old building, you could look into rooms that were said to have once been opium cribs, but the area is closed off now.

SkyFBuildinguseThe San Francisco skyline near the Ferry Building from San Francisco Bay in 1960, before the skyscraper boom:

One thought on “These will keep me busy (Part one)

  • While so many of the cities and towns around the San Francisco Bay area have deteriorated into extremely expensive cheap urban sprawl, San Francisco is still San Francisco. I love Los Gatos and San Jose, but it is just not what it should be.

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