‘San Francisco’

sflottause The 1936 film ‘San Francisco’ starring Clark Gable, Spencer Tracy, and Jeanette MacDonald, opens up on New Year’s Eve 1905, three and a half months before the April 18th 1906 Earthquake, with champagne being served to the public out of the famous Lotta’s Fountain on Market Street. They did a pretty good job at creating a replica for the fountain! (Thumbnail image)

‘Experiment Alcatraz’

experalcusetwo The inmates are transported to the old Montgomery Barracks in the Presidio at the upper left. Just a few years ago when I did the comparison at the lower left, the area was, relatively, quiet. Now thanks to the popularity of the Walt Disney Museum in the barracks, there’s a new lawn, pay parking, (Oh, well!) and a great museum to enjoy. (Thumbnail image)

‘Experiment Alcatraz’

ExpAlcatrazredo Sometimes, our government isn’t, entirely, honest with us. (No!!!) In the 1950 film ‘Experiment Alcatraz’ some of the island’s most notorious inmates are secretly transported to an army location to test the side effects of an experimental medication that may curb their criminal drive with the promise of a parole for testing the serum. The project appears to go terribly wrong when some of the prisoners develop uncontrollable homicidal urges! “Well, that didn’t work!”

‘A Night Out’ (1)

nightouttwo  Charlie Chaplin loved shooting outdoors, and he scouted his film locations himself. While shooting in Niles Calif. in 1915, he traveled up to Oakland to film scenes for ‘A Night Out’. In a once ritzy apartment area near Lake Merritt, the two buildings he filmed in front of still exist. The plot is simple, Chaplin, and Ben Turpin go out for a night on the town, get drunk, and fall down a lot. That’s all you really have to know. (Thumbnail image)