‘Play It Again, Sam’

'Play It Again, Sam'

That’s the Kearny and Broadway intersection again at the bottom of the hill in the 1972 film ‘Play It Again, Sam’. The truck is passing the same crosswalk Cary Grant was walking along in the previous shown ‘Kiss Them for Me’. Woody plays a runt haunted by the ghost of Humphrey Bogart who’s trying to make him a ladykiller. It’s not going to work, Bogie. Actually, it did. Only in the movies!

‘A Jitney Elopement’

'A Jitney Elopement'

Charlie Chaplin races past Golden Gate Park along an unpaved Great Highway in the 1915 short ‘A Jitney Elopement’ one of the five movies he made while in Niles Calif. They’ve developed the ground up a lot since then, but this area has been in the news lately due to closures from storms blowing sand over the road.



Jimmy Stewart stalking, well, let’s face it, he was, Kim Novak in his car near Mission Dolores in the 1958 movie ‘Vertigo’. Kim Novak plays a woman who believes that she is being possessed by the spirit of a lady named Carlotta Valdes who killed herself in 1857, and she must do the same thing. Boy, that makes me feel a lot better about my own hang ups!

‘Born to Kill’

'Born to Kill'

Elisha Cook, ‘Wilmer’ in the ‘Maltese Falcon’ arrives at the Ferry Building on his way to commit murder in the 1947 film ‘Born to Kill’. The star of the movie, Lawrence Tierney, once guest starred on ‘Seinfeld’ but was not asked to return after he, reportedly, threatened Jerry with a knife during the show.



The intersection of Hayes and Laguna was the setting for Eric Von Stroheim’s 1925 masterpiece ‘Greed’, considered by many film historians as one of the best movies ever made. Originally running nearly eight hours (that would have been a lot of popcorn to consume) it was eventually cut down to under two and one half hours when released.